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Making policy, you can determine what encryption algorithm will be applied, whether to use VIV or FIV, and whether to encrypt partially or entirely. You can assign different policies to each columns.

  • CREATE POLICY <policy id>”<enc algorithm id>”<iv mode>[“<partial-enc-pos>”<partial-enc-off>] <ENCODING>
  • <policy id>: policy identity making each policy unique
  • <enc algorithm id>: algorithm to be used for encryption
  • supported encryption algorithms: TDES, AES, BLOWFISH, RC4
  • <iv mode>: VIV or FIV
  • VIV: Variable Initial Vector. Cyphertexts encrypted from same plaintext can have different values.
  • FIV: Fixed Initial Vector. Cyphertexts encrypted from same plaintext always have same values. Recommended to use for special reasons such as PK or FK.
  • <partial-enc-pos>: Start position of partial encryption. If not specified, encrypt from the beginning.
  • <partial-enc-off>: The length of text to encrypt partially. If not specified, encrypt to the end.
  • <ENCODING>: Select how to encode encrypted data as RAW or BASE64 or HEXSTRING

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  • DELETE POLICY <policy id>
  • Explanation: Deletes entered policy. If there is at least 1 column encrypted by that column, deletion cannot be done.

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When a policy is deleted and a new policy with the same settings is created, the key is different from the old one’s, so be careful when deleting policies. We recommend to delete unnecessary policies so that they do not waste system resources.
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