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5. Migrate Table to MyDiamo Storage

      To complete encryption, you need to migrate the encryption set table to MyDiamo Storage. At this point, the DB engine of the table will change to DAMO_MYISAM or DAMO_INNODB depending on the original storage engine. Please be cautious that you should access mysql with privileged user. The command looks like:
 mysql > call mysql.damo_table_migration(‘<OWNER>’,’<TABLE>’);

To encrypt the table used as an example above, you should access mysql with SYS user and type command below in MySQL command like:

mysql >call mysql.damo_table_migration('JAMES', 'EMPLOYEE');
 When you encrypt a table using mysql.damo_table_migration procedure, the system will supply an ALTER statement within the procedure messages. This statement is used to disable the encryption, so it should be recorded and saved.