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Key System

    MyDiamo creates and manages PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based keys for safe user identification and data protection. To use MyDiamo, the following public key pairs are necessary.
    Created for each database SID, the DB Key consists of a public key (certificate) and a private key, which is managed in its encrypted form. The DB Key is responsible for encrypting/decrypting the Column Key. Once encryption policy settings have been configured, important information is then handled by the Security Agent. The DB Key can be created to match the number of the Security Agent using KeyWizard.

Column Key

    A Column Key is created to perform column encryption. The Column Key is the element used when encrypting and decrypting data in the column. Since the Column Key is managed internally by the Security Agent and CLI, a database manager does not have to manage it directly.

License Key

    Check the [License Policy] page for understanding the MyDiamo license policy. The License Key can be issued using the ID and Auth code. You can acquire the MDFL (MyDiamo Free License) ID and Auth code through the [Download page]. In the case for MDCL (MyDiamo Commercial License), you should contact Penta Security Systems Inc. for getting the ID and Auth code.