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Data and security — the heart of every business

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In this digitized era, data security has become the forefront concern of all business practices. More so with updated policies and regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, and CCPA) enforced to ensure that data interoperability can be achieved with security in mind.
A partnership with MyDiamo helps bridge the gap between data and security, paving the way for businesses to deploy a secure and reliable management of data infrastructure to reach a wider set of clients.
MyDiamo values cooperative partnerships and is committed to bringing encryption one step further into the open source database market. We collaborate with software vendors, system integrators, and security service providers across all industry verticals wanting to develop a competitive edge by providing comprehensive database security to their customers. Develop, design, and explore greater business opportunities to grow your bottom line in this fast-paced industry.

What we offer

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International collaboration
Work alongside a partnership that builds on commitment and growth while ensuring our partners’ success.
Expert consultation
Receive excellent support and training from top technical consultants to adequately handle MyDiamo.
Meet compliance regulation 
Be on track in addressing one of the key areas of regulatory compliances — data security. 
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Interested in a partnership?

Please provide us with some details and we will get in touch soon!

MyDiamo Partnership
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