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With the amount of data breaches today, we all know that damage caused by hackers can be drastically reduced by encrypting valuable data. Once the data has been breached, the only protection the data is left with is encryption. The Identity Theft Resource Center has said that “when [breached] records are encrypted, we state that we do not consider that to be a data exposure.” This means that even when hackers have breached the data, if the data is encrypted, it cannot be considered a data exposure.

Penta Security Systems has been leading the Korean encryption market. Of their products, D’Amo, is referenced by more than 3,400 enterprises as their preferred database encryption solution. It utilizes the cryptographic module validated by Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) and corresponds with legal regulation for technical protection measures. D’Amo’s superiority, however, lies with it being a database encryption platform, not merely an encryption solution.

Market Calling for More than Just Encryption Solutions

Encryption is the foundation of all information security technology. Penta Security first developed its encryption technology in 1999 and established the commercialization of encryption technology for Korea. In 2004, Penta launched the nation’s first database encryption solution D’Amo. With the spread of technology, D’Amo is now integrated with banking, commercial, and medical institutions, libraries, and even surveillance firms. The market called for customization and gradually D’Amo began to offer encryption optimized for the client’s environment ranging from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 as well as SAP. Today, D’Amo has 6 different methods for data encryption and 23 different components.

Various Encryption Components Forming a Platform

D’Amo has a diverse range of components to optimally meet the performance and security demands of the customer’s ICT (information and communications technology) system architecture. Since D’Amo’s components are modular, it can address a variety of data environments depending on where it will be deployed. As seen in the diagram below, there are many different layers in ICT system and D’Amo provides protection in the application, system, and network layer. This allows easy and efficient management as the platform manages the whole database, making full control simple. This allows D’Amo to be called a database encryption platform.

Individual blocks representing each level of the ICT system architecture with arrows to show what D'Amo does to protect it that links to a key management system.

ICT System Architecture

Think of D’Amo’s standardized encryption method as encryption built with Lego blocks. When each level of security is built with Lego, it eases the movement and fixing of encryption at every level. This allows modular attachment and detachment. This means that no matter what environment, the Legos are able to change in accordance. If two different encryption solutions were used at different levels, there would be incongruity in encryption technology with one another. For example, if the system level was secured by encryption built by Lego blocks, and the application level was secured by a different encryption solution built with Play-Doh, while each level would be safe, even while in the same database the encryption would be managed differently.

Not All Solutions Can Be Platforms

In comparison to D’Amo, security encryption solutions that provide single-level encryption are in abundance. If the encryption solutions for the system layer and applications layer are different, it must create a discrepancy between management and fails to create holistic approach for data security management. How easy would it be if there was a platform structured product that could offer encryption at every level that was compatible with each other? This is why D’Amo, not just a solution, but a database encryption platform has standardized encryption at every level  and process in accordance to the users’ environmental needs.

Sure, D’Amo is an encryption solution, but its comprehensiveness and broad spectrum coverage allows it to be a platform. D’Amo includes many other features such as auditing, access control, separation of authority and key management, log management, and much more. This is why D’Amo has been the number one choice for enterprises in Korea. Regardless of the industry, D’Amo has been recognized as the nation’s first database encryption platform.

MyDiamo Utilizes D’Amo Technology

With D’Amo everything is standardized but that doesn’t mean that D’Amo limits itself to a single encryption technology. It means that it can use multiple encryption technologies apt for the user and use it anywhere as it can be moved around and matched with ease. When managed by a database encryption platform with standardization, it makes the encryption manageable at every level.

MyDiamo, a separate product by Penta Security, is geared for open source databases that use D’Amo’s encryption technology. First introduced in 2013, this DBMS engine encryption accompanied with a key management system is perfect for those who are using open source databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB. An advantage of MyDiamo is that as it works at the engine-level, no query or source code changes are needed. Users of MyDiamo can seamlessly integrate it into their open source database with ease. Utilizing the technology from the standardized encryption component from D’Amo, MyDiamo is able to support and meet the user’s need in accordance to their engine environment.

The control gained from a database encryption platform is far greater than the control a user gains from a simple database encryption solution. When everything is standardized, and easy to control, then we can finally say that we have achieved the best possible security for the database.

How could you ever say that your database is securely and optimally protected, even when your encryption solutions for the database are in discrepancy at different levels?

Peter Cha
Peter Cha
Content crafter at MyDiamo- an encryption solution for open source databases.
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