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The first comprehensive database encryption – MyDiamo for MySQL was very first released by Penta Security Systems, Inc. in 2013 (now MyDiamo supports MariaDB, PerconaDB, and PostgreSQL too).

  • What is MyDiamo?

  • What is the purpose of MyDiamo?

  • What is the future of MyDiamo?

Watch the video below where Penta Security System’s Product Manager, Tae Joon Jung answers these questions about MyDiamo.

This video provides an in-depth explanation of MyDiamo – an encryption software for open source DBMS. Special features of MyDiamo as well as how the product is considered as one the most comprehensive database security solution, providing encryption of sensitive data, access controls for user integrity, and administer auditing features will also be covered.

Recent years, open source databases like MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL is ranked highly due to its economical use. But oftentimes the open source databases do not offer adequate data security for the data that resides within. MyDiamo was thus developed to fill in the gap, offering its services free for non-commercial use and nonprofit organizations (NGO). The above video highlights MyDiamo’s future directions and goals, as well as its aim to reach the global market.

Comprehensive encryption security for open source databases. We provide transparent and column-level encryption, key management, and access control and auditing for MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB.
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