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MyDiamo Release Note

Version Information

  1. Release date: 2018-02-03
  2. MyDiamo Version: MyDiamo v4.0.0.0

New and Improved Features

  1. Added column encryption function in Row mode under replication environment.
  2. Added Mydiamo installation and uninstallation verification script under Linux environment.
    • Installation validation script:
    • Uninstallation validation script:
  3. Added import / export function for policy.
  4. Improved Keymanager’s execution regardless of MySQL startup
  5. Added detailed logs
    • The problem data and data length are recorded If an error occurs during encryption/decryption logic execution.
    • Log the CIS-CC error number in the log.
    • An error code is displayed if initial encryption cannot be executed normally:
      • 1: When Keymanager is invalid, or if there is no .damo_key and key acquisition fails
      • 2, 3: DB cannot access Shared Memory normally
      • -1 to -9: When the policy file cannot be normally loaded to Shared Memory
  6. Improvements: to be able to generate DB containing ciphertext into Dump file regardless of Character Set.