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MyDiamo Release Note

Version Information

  1. Release date: 2017-02-03
  2. MyDiamo Version: MyDiamo v3.0.9.4 (for Linux only)

New and Improved Features

  1. Extend supported platform for MySQL: 5.5.43, 5.5.46, 5.6.16, 5.6.20, 5.6.31, 5.6.33, 5.7.10, 5.7.16 on Linux
  2. Extend supported platform for MariaDB: 5.5.46, 10.0.21, 10.0.26, 10.1.9, 10.1.19 on Linux
  3. Automatic policy synchronization in replication environment
  4. Partition table encryption available
  5. Index column encryption available
  6. If use option -f when install, it will be downloaded installation file from internet server
  7. The frequently used encrypt settings such as encrypt authorization, access control and column encryption set for each user are managed in shared memory when encrypt/decrypt
  8. Combined index available
  9. The data that Master send to Slave will be received without checking