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Today, we are happy to announce that MyDiamo is celebrating its third anniversary! In just three short years, MyDiamo has become the leading encryption solution for major open-source databases. For instance, our database encryption software has been downloaded roughly 2,000 times worldwide since our inception.

MyDiamo first began providing database encryption for MySQL, which was then followed up by MariaDB encryption three months later. In addition, last year proved to be a big year for MyDiamo as it expanded encryption to PerconaDB on March 2015. As for recent news and updates, MyDiamo recently won the “Editor’s Choice in Data Leakage Prevention for 2016” award from Cyber Defense Magazine.

Here is a quick overview of two specific customers that successfully implemented MyDiamo for their business and how our solution helped with their encryption needs. Please note that company names have been omitted for confidentiality.

1. Digital Solutions Agency for Medical Facilities

  • Issue: Needed to conform to international patients’ country data compliance regulation.
  • Solution: Application is built on MySQL and needed AES256 encryption for their patient information database. MyDiamo solved their problem by providing column-level encryption to their patient database and enabled it to run more efficiently.
  • Result: Application was completed on time and with the assurance that their patients’ health records were secured.

2. Database Hosting Enterprise

  • Issue: Needed to conform to North American data compliance. They were searching for a solution in regards to the U.S. HIPAA & HITECH compliance regulations.
  • Solution: Had many negative experiences with other encryption solutions and found MyDiamo since it is the only data encryption solution that provides column-level encryption.
  • Result: Resolved the compliance issue and finally found an encryption solution that they can rely on.

MyDiamo’s goal is to provide the most easy-to-use security for all open-source database users and will continue to improve its full comprehensive database security. There will be many upcoming and exciting promotions for users who install MyDiamo. Download the software’s free license to start applying the most advanced security for your open-source database today!

Comprehensive encryption security for open source databases. We provide transparent and column-level encryption, key management, and access control and auditing for MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB.
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