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Nonprofit and Non-governmental Organizations

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Non-governmental organizations (NGO) and non-profit organizations (NPO) are welcomed to not only sign up to trial for the free license but also request a one year license for no additional cost.
NGOs and NPOs are asked to submit official documents that demonstrate the institutions’ mission, engagements as well as legitimacy as proof during application.
To make sure that all NGOs and NPOs around the world protect their valuable data with our free encryption software, we need your help to spread the word around! For those that have successfully installed MyDiamo yearly subscription for free, we ask that you share with us your positive experiences in using our software and technical services.
Visit MyDiamo’s End-User License Agreement (EULA) for full disclosure.

Request Form

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NOTE: To request a license, kindly submit a request form AND email an official brochure/pamphlet or any marketing documents of your organization in PDF version to
MyDiamo for NGO・NPO
(A brief explanation on why your organization is seeking for encryption solutions. i.e. GDPR, compliance requirements, etc)
Kindly note that evaluation process will take approximately one week. Also, for verification purposes, additional supporting documents is sometimes required.