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Commercial License – MDCL

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MDCL (MyDiamo Commercial License) is designed for users who want to use MyDiamo commercially with technical assistance. With MDCL, users can encrypt columns and create security policies as 256-bit encryption. In addition to encrypting data with high-level security, MDCL can help users comply with regulations such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS. Once you pay, we will offer online assistance to resolve any technical issues during installation or operations for 1 year. Furthermore, users who paid for MDCL have a designated technical expert. (i.e. the package contains Q&A support, remote support and support for MySQL/MyDiamo version upgrades)
*We only provide support for official MySQL version. If users make change to unofficial version, users necessary to purchase MDCL.
If you are interest in purchasing MDCL, please contact us at
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